I have over 15 years of experience in education and community engagement as a teacher and as the head of a nonprofit Community School program within Chicago. In 2003, I traveled as a Fulbright Scholar to Senegal, West Africa, as part of a curriculum development team. My work history includes the administrative leadership of a Community Schools department, youth development program administration, teaching at the elementary level, and strategic planning consultation.  Today, I am a mother of two, a small business owner, and a member of the District 65 School Board running to complete my term.

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I believe that public education is a human right.  I also believe that a high quality education is one that educates every child as a whole within the context of their personal talents, their family, and their community.  


As a former teacher, I not only hold these values--I cherish them.  I understand the incredible amount of dedication and time that goes into creating an environment that makes these values possible.  

As a former nonprofit leader working in community schools and out-of-school time, I also understand the complexities of marrying high-level theories with actual practice.  There is immense power in connecting stakeholders to our schools. The impact of coming together on behalf of a shared future can be exponential.  


Finally, as a mother of a four- and one-year-old living in Evanston who is engaged with District 65 early childhood programs, I have met and connected with hundreds of local families.  I understand and share the hope we invest in our children.  I realize the complex partnership we seek to create in support of our children’s and our neighbors children’s successes.   


In me, you’ll find a strategic, inclusive, solutions-oriented leader with 15 years of proven experience and commitment to education.  You’ll find someone who believes in the power of collaboration.  Someone who’s ready to tackle problems, big and small, and seeks to do so in a responsive and informed way, understanding the value of both listening and acting for our greater good.  Together, we can do the necessary work in a way that fortifies the Evanston we believe in.  One that ensures excellence for every child.  

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